The Rafelsia Learning Centre

The Rafelsia Learning Centre consist of an elite body of learners who are highly motivated and readily meet the challenges of today's world. In recognition of our international quality of provision, we are the ONLY centre in Malaysia to have gained "Organisational Membership" with the prestigous British Dyslexia Association.

This makes us leaders in the field of specific learning difficulties and language based disorders in the region. Our growing body of diverse learners progress individually at their own pace and enjoy the company of peers who are high achievers each with their own different style of learning. These learners are often known as students who are "twice gifted". Here at The Rafelsia Learning Centre, we embrace diversity in learning and believe that education is the RIGHT of ALL children and not a priviledge available to a few. We believe that by guiding them appropriately to match their individual learning styles, the true genius in every child can be brought out. For 13 years, we have guided our learners through the schooling process and then, on to University! The environment is matched closely to the home environment so as to extend the highest level of security and comfort that all learners crave. It is in dealing with primary needs and developing them that secondary needs such as academia are enhanced.

We follow a British based programme at The Rafelsia Learning Centre. Our learners are offered a variety of subjects which include Art, Music, Math, Reading, Spelling, ICT, Appreciation of literature, Science and Social Studies. In their free time, they engage in activities which enhance their creative and problem solving skills. Activities, such as Drama and free style dancing bring out hidden talents in the children. These provide them with opportunity to engage in hands-on activities which they normally would not think of trying out for fun, yet have proved to be highly rewarding and satisfying to the soul. Our dynamic team of staff, assures parents that their children succeed at every level of learning. A consultant learning therapist is at hand to deal with any delays in learning, that might exist, and is ready to provide learners with additional learning opportunities where necessary. When learners show signs of boredom with work that has been prepared, we are trained and able to modify their work on the spot so learners are highly motivated all the time.  

Our team of staff is led by Ms. Rosh Vettiveloo who has more than 15 years of field experience alongside her formal credentials in Special Education. Her past research in early intervention methods was published in an international peer reviewed journal. Her expertise is being enhanced further through PhD study in Literacy Assessment Methods in a multilingual context. This cutting edge research is being carried out based on her extensive work in a multilingual environment such as seen in Malaysia. Little research has been conducted in the field of Assessment Methods in the Asia Pacific region and once completed will contribute greatly to the way intervention is carried out in these parts. Ms Rosh Vettiveloo (MCollT; MACTE) MEd(SpEd)(AU), Adv.Dip.Psych(UK), Dip.ChPsych(UK), Intl.Dip. ECE(Teaching)(UK), Dip.SpLD(Teaching)(UK),Cert. SEN(Teaching)(UK) MEMBERSHIPS: International Mind, Brain and Education Society, USA;  International Dyslexia Association, USA; International Reading Association, USA                                  

Ms Rusma Occupational Therapy  & Cognitive Intervention Facilitator

Ms Fathma Primary Literacy & Numeracy Facilitator

Mr Pimbal Capoeira & Team Building Facilitator

Ms Michelle Dance & Creative Movement Facilitator

Ms Yen Art & Crafts Facilitator

Ms Prem (SRN) Centre Nurse

Mr Edwin External Speech Therapist

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