We believe in providing quality educational services to a select group of learners - those with high functioning (IQ above average) specific learning difficulties, learners who are pursuing sports or music actively.  Our learners enjoy the challenges of their work, and develop highly analytical and creative thinking skills. They are excellent problem solvers and high achievers at every level. We acknowledge and embrace the multiple facets of intelligence and integrate cognitive skills enhancement games and exercises in our curriculum.

Keys to Effective Learning - The Rafelsia Way


We boast small tutor to learner ratios of 1: 3 which is smaller than a regular mainstream school setting. Learning is individualised to meet individual learner's special educational needs. The expertise we have ensures that learners obtain the highest level of service, while promoting independant learning skills which our learners carry through to their adulthood. Amongst our resources are graded reading, grammar, spelling materials, ICT based language games and floor based language games. 
We provide our learners with an excellent combination of group and individualised work. This provides our learners with an opportunities to discuss, explore ideas and share information.
Subjects Offered:
*English Reading   
*Grammar & Spelling   
*History - Malaysian & World   
*Geography - Malaysian & World
*Ethics & Interpersonal Communication skills   
*Bahasa Malaysia    


We offer rolling-enrolment. Every learner has to be assessed and findings of deficits and strengths will guide the development of the Individual Learner Plans. Every learner has to be re-assessed annually and the cost of assessment borne by parents. This is to maximise learning outcomes and ensure that each learner achieves their highest potential.