Useful Information


Learners under the age of 17 years
Younger learners have a more academic based coordination programme carried out. This programme is suitable for the following types of learners:
* highly intelligent
* parents who are constantly on the move but do not wish to miss out a day in the lives of their children
* learners who tend to miss school alot for various reasons (asthma, lack of interest, lack of enjoyment etc.)
* learners who have been diagnosed as having high functioning learning differences - dyslexia, gifted & talented learners
* learners whose primary focus is non-academic based (young athletes, musicians etc.)
Learners over the age of 17 years
For older learners, we conduct coordination of learning programmes at higher levels. We offer a variety of further learning options and provide parents with advisory services on available options. These are designed in partnership with parents at a consultative session. The learner's needs and interests will be taken into consideration alongside their ability levels.
In cases where learners' are undecided or parents are flexible, an aptitude test will be conducted to determine areas of high interest before  joint decision is reached.